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Bogging at 6k+ RPM

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  • Bogging at 6k+ RPM

    Bit new to this, so bear with me!

    A few months ago I bought an 06 Kat, 10k miles, put a few thousand miles on it already, have changed the oil, toyed around with it a bit, but it's always bogged past 75mph or so, bogs faster when opening the throttle up more. If you baby the throttle to not make it bog, it'll bog less.

    I recently took the airbox off to check the air filter(now knowing that removing the air box isn't necessary. It seems that it bogs quite a bit more now even at lower speeds. When just accelerating to reach 70mph or so. There's a small hole in the bottom left of the airbox, but I don't think that'd affect it? The filter didn't seem great, and I didn't have any way to get another filter at the time so I just vacuumed it out and called it a day. The airbox did have some wet spots from what I'd only imagine to be gas, and the filter did smell of gas, if it's of any revelation to the carbs.

    Either way, the previous owner bought rebuild kits for the carbs and I've done a bit of reading and watching videos on it and haven't quite decided if I'm going to tackle that with a more knowledgeable buddy or if I'm gonna wait and take it to a shop. I have 4 rebuild kits already, and am looking into where it'd be best to buy jets from(advice appreciated).

    Just wondering if you guys have some advice on this apart from the carbs and how it'd be best to tackle this as a semi-beginner.


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    Carbs 102. No new jet are needed. Just follow the procedure to a T and you'll be fine. A hole in the airbox isn't good and it will have an effect on the carbs.
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      Originally posted by 92xjunker View Post
      Carbs 102. No new jet are needed. Just follow the procedure to a T and you'll be fine. A hole in the airbox isn't good and it will have an effect on the carbs.
      Thanks, being that it only has 12,000 miles on it to date I didn't think I'd need to replace the jets. As for the hole in the airbox, I'll update with a picture, but it's in the corner about I'd say 1cm in diameter, Almost looks like melted from being sat at an angle on the engine, but I could be crazy. A hole that small shouldn't be the root cause of this issue I'd think? Would perhaps filing it down and just taping it well with some decent tape(perhaps more heat-resistant tape would be appreciate) would do the trick since it's so small?

      Would it be advisable to flush out the gas tank or perform any kind of maintenance on the petcock when doing this? If so, any particular procedures? I'm definitely going to replace the air filter, and from what I've read OEM/OEM replicas are the best to use?

      Thanks, I usually take a head-first approach to things but this is my only means of transportation right now, so I'm hesitant and want to do it right the first time.


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        Emgo air filters work great. Oem style at half the price.

        A hole significantly smaller than 1cm can cause all sorts of issues, so this definitely won't be helping things. Don't know if tape is the best idea, as tape wears/rots eventually. Maybe rvt gasket sealant?
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          Took the carbs off, first one I took off the jet was loose. I'm in utter shock. Screwed it back in, blasted with some carb cleaner(along with the other carbs, at least what I could get to) and re-installed. Works perfect. Night and day difference. Didn't even bother to check the other carbs, eventually I will, but should be fine for now.