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Carb install question

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  • Carb install question

    Reinstalling the carbs on my '94 600, but am not sure how far the carbs need to be pushed into the boots on the engine. There's a grove around the carb outlets, and that's right where the boots are up to now (and won't seem to go past). I was thinking they were on further before, but am not certain... Would like to confirm that I really need to keep pushing before I push too hard and break something!

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    They will only go to a certain depth. Watch the boot clamp on 2 and 3, they tend to hang the throttle if not installed to clear the throttle cam.
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      Grove on the carbs matches raised ridge on inside of the boots. You can measure both to verify they are seating correctly.

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        Got it. Really hard going until they suddenly popped into place! Good call on the throttle linkage too, I can see how that would be an issue (and may have been for me if you hadn't warned me)!