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Carb vent hose stupid questions...

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  • Carb vent hose stupid questions...

    Since my bike was missing them originally and I'm adding them back, I'm not entirely sure how they go. '94 600, and we're talking about the 2 vent hoses that come up from the black "T"s in the carbs.

    Parts guide shows part numbers of 09352-70103-600, but then has 550 in parentheses. I note that the package they came in has dire warnings about improper installation causing death and assorted mayhem (seems overly dramatic for a vent hose!) and included a picture of scissors cutting them down.

    1) So, am I supposed to cut both of them down from 600 mm (I measure them at that) to 550 mm?

    2) The parts diagram also just shows them being routed up from the carbs towards the back of the bike. Do they just hang out loose over there, maybe pointing down somewhere? Is there someplace they should plug in to? Or something else entirely?

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    They go over the airbox, through the loops on the side of the air filter and run to the bottom of the bike.
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