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Need some advice diagnosing acceleration issue

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  • Need some advice diagnosing acceleration issue

    Hi all,
    So I have looked at a pile a threads about my particular issue. It seems like the fix has been different for different people. What happens is that the bike dos not want to rev past 7500-8500 rpm range in any gear. When there is no load it behaves normal. Bike is 06 750. I did replace air filter because that seemed to be the easiest hopeful fix. Didnt make a difference. I am not an experienced mechanic but at the same time I would rather not pay to have it looked at...yet anyway. Otherwise bike runs great. It does have an aftermarket two brothers can on it. Should I try bypassing kickstand killswitch? Thoughts?
    Thanks indvance

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    I'm not sure what the kickstand would have to do with the issue. I know in the carbs 7k rpms and up are directly affected by the main jet.


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      I had this exact same problem on my bike. The bike wouldn't go anymore the half throttle or around 7000rpms. I did the same things as you, changed the filters. I ended up taking it to a shop and they told me an air hose was pinched. They fixed it and it's never had that problem since