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Carb sync help needed 98+

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  • Carb sync help needed 98+

    Hi guys

    I've got an '00 GSX600F UK version, and I had my carbs cleaned a little while back. Because money is really tight I couldn't afford to have them synced too. I've borrowed a sync tool, and a friend who fixes anything and everything with an engine.

    We set the sync tool up and got everything running, and I think we've got the carbs synced, but we messed up a bit. It's the first time syncing carbs for us both, so we went straight to attaching the sync tool. The gauges seem to be correct, but showing late timings or a leak. I'm assuming that this is because the airbox is off.

    What I wanted to check though is, do I need to bench sync the carbs then redo them with the sync tool, or if the gauges don't show a problem with the airbox back on, is that ok?

    I also want to double check that I've done things in the right order while using the tool. I adjusted the screws in the bottom of the carbs to 2.25 turns as recommended in the Haynes manual I got from here, and then synced the carbs using the bigger screws that sit between the carbs on the top, between the carbs and the choke slider. We synced 1&2 then 3&4, then both pairs.

    Lastly, I've read about doing an idle drop. Should I do this too while everything's apart, or should I leave it alone if the bike's running properly? I'd rather spend the time and get it right now, but I also don't want to risk getting in over my head and breaking something.

    Thanks for reading through this and any help you can give

    P.S. Arsenic: I can't afford to post them to you to fix

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    Sync was correct except you should have the airbox on. If it runs good, it would be up to you on the drop down.
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      Brilliant, thank you

      Time to go and get my hands dirty again


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        Ok, word of the day seems to be 'Oops!'

        I finally got the carbs balanced and everything put back together, including checking and topping up the fluids. Managed to get an hour to go out on the bike on Sunday evening, so kitted up and headed out. The bike was a bit rough when trying to start, but was fine as soon as the engine warmed up. The throttle was a LOT more responsive than I'm used to, but nothing out of the ordinary.

        I got about a mile or so from the house on 30mph roads, then got up to about 60 once the speed limit changed, and everything was great. I slowed for a roundabout at the top of the road and the bike sounded really rough. I left the roundabout and rode at 40 on the new road, and the bike sounded like a cement mixer full of bolts. From experience, it sounds like either the plugs are connected in the wrong order, or at least one has died. I limped home, but the baby was already in bed, so I couldn't do anything to the bike.

        I checked for some of the obvious things, like a fuel leak, but couldn't see anything. Looks like tomorrow's day of riding while the baby's at my mother's will now be a day of pulling the bike apart again!