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600 katana 93 ont start ts not my bike plz help asap

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  • 600 katana 93 ont start ts not my bike plz help asap

    I have a 93 katana 600 ts a girls bike a friend of friend lol need help with gettimg it started it ran reat a ouple days ago and now it wont start i had adjusted th idle screw i can reach ithout taking left fering off i cant remember what correct position for it is how many turns left / right should the screw go and also the hut off on bottom of thetnl only works on primary and oes not work on reserve ????? Im confused as to why id does not work anyy ideas on how to get it to work on primary and reserve ??

    If not its no big deal mostly ned to get help with idle screw

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    What??? Geez... how about proof reading and punctuation. Petcock issue may be the vac line on the back of the petcock. Either off or deteriorated. From what I gather, you want to know how many turns for the idle adjuster. That can't be answered. If it's open too much the bike won't start. You could turn till its loose then start on the choke and adjust the adjuster until it idles at 1100 rpm without the choke. No nut on the idle adjuster.
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