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Carb issues ofcourse

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  • Carb issues ofcourse

    hey guys long time lurker i try to read and find everything and anything out before i post stupid questions, well i cant find an answer and im tired of it lol. i got a 93 750 and i have rebuilt the carbs completely every o-rings re did all adjustments and bench sync. well the bike i got was seriously hilljacked and after a long winter of working on it im down to 1 final issue. my floats are sets jets are clean and im running at 2x turns on all 4. when the bike gets warm and its always ALWAYS been this way, it will idle for about 5 seconds then bog to about 1k then bog to tachless then die unless i snap the throttle real fast and it resets the same process. im wondering if the left side fuel line being too close to the valve cover could be causing a vapor lock? or am i just seriously missing something i seriously wanna fix it before i put the new fairings back on any help would be seriously appreciated!

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    That's quite a large paragraph. Have you checked the oil for fuel smell?


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      I'd check for a fuel leak in the carbs. Possible around a float needle. As mentioned, check the oil, make sure its not got fuel in it as well.

      The reason I'm thinking that way...

      Normally most issues related to the Kat are lean issues. Lean makes the rpms hang or go higher.

      Rich or too much fuel, will cause the rpms to drop and bog out/die. Additionally, most people don't realize that the "throttle" is actually just acuating the butterflies with the CV carbs, so throttle really is adding air.

      So... if it's bogging down and throttle clears it up... it sounds like it's running rich. There are very few reasons it would be rich.

      US models ussually run best with the a/f screws at 2.5 turns out. Less is leaner. If an additional problem is making the bike run rich, then that will mess with the settings also.

      93 750 Kat

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        Paragraphs are good info XD its got fresh oil and i had #3 leak wichi had fixed and "blow tested" none of the floats leak. And also sorry when reved it doesnt hang or drop and come back up its like dead on the money. At 2.5 it was blowing mad smoke like it was rich af i got vids but need to upload unless i txt em


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          Was the fresh oil put in after the leak was fixed? If not, it will need to be changed again. It doesn't take much fuel in the oil for the bike to start bogging when warm.

          2.5 turns out shouldn't make the bike smoke, mine didn't at 2.5 out. Does the bike have a jet kit? Your choke isn't stuck is it? Make sure nothing is stopping it from closing all the way. Checking the oil for fuel, and making sure the choke is working properly are pretty quick diagnosis that can save a big headache.


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            caught the leak at the same time maybe a small amount got in ill check the oil when it gets warmer again nah choke is all good i went through it all i couldnt tell u what mains it has it does have dyno jet needles i can tell. what part of ohio you from?


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              What air filter are you running?


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                  The idle is either too rich or too lean. I would assume too rich, so go in another 1/2 turn and see if you get improvement.
                  2006 750