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Hesitation with FP jet kit

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  • Hesitation with FP jet kit


    I have a 2006 600 with FP Jet Kit, roughly 12k miles.

    4th notch down on the needle and stock jets. Dropping the needle down to the 4th notch eliminated the 5-6k hesitation I was having.

    • Stock Airbox, stock filter.
    • Slip on exhaust
    • Carbs sync'd with motion pro manometer.
    • Carbs thoroughly cleaned in Chem Dip for 48 hours.
    • NGK plugs
    • Fresh gas
    • Rust-Free tank
    • A/F 2.5 turns out
    • Float height 14MM (triple checked)
    • New K&L Petcock working correctly
    • New fuel line
    • K&L Carb rebuild kit installed
    • No fuel in oil
    Bike idles perfectly at 1100k rpms. Throttle response is excellent. No hang ups, comes right back down to 1100. Warm up time seems fairly quick. 20 seconds or less.

    I have two issues, and they might be separate.

    1st Issue- Once warm, sitting at a light for a while the bike wants to hesitate upon taking off. This hesitation will go away after 3k rpms or if I just rev the bike up at the light multiple times before taking off. Typically between 2-3K RPMS.

    2nd issue - After a hard pull, and trying to go full throttle again after the hard pull the bike wants to hesitate at any rpms at full throttle. It does pull through it and accelerate smoothly once pass the initial hesitation.

    Any advice? I really want to finish this up. It's rideable as is, but I don't want to get caught in an intersection with no power. I feel like I've done all the right things everyone has recommended on this forum, but still having issues. Please help.

    Below is the style fuel filter that came on the bike when I bought it. I don't know if it's stock or not. It's 1/4 inch.

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    I would go back to stock jetting a pipe, probably does not need a jet kit.
    1990 katana 1100


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      Above I stated I am running stock jets, I'm running the fp needle. Below is a video of the bike running, and revving.


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        Put the stock needles back in and see how it runs. Remove the fuel filter.
        1990 katana 1100


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          That's not really what I'm aiming for. And I've never heard of anybody not running a fuel filter on a Post.