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need help! engine swap 1990 600F

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  • need help! engine swap 1990 600F

    Engine swap?Hey all. I need help
    I have a 1990 gsxf600 that has engine problems. I havent run any tests yet but I know the first cylinder has poor compression and I hear a rattle maybe valve/spring. and maybe some crank damage because I hear a rattle down there. If, after a strip down, the price is too much to repair 1.what could be my engine swap limitations? considering stock transmission and frame. im just looking to get it back up on the road and stay reliable. not really looking to go crazy with power because the rear tire is limited to a 150 with the swingarms unless i can mod that too, but im trying to keep the cost low. Thanks in advance!

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    My build thread (Black Betty) '97 600 (Dearly Departed)
    2007 GSXR 750


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      ^^^^^^^ sky's the limit..
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        thank you both for the response. I skimmed over the link and it looks pretty helpful. if the sky is the limit as 92xjunker says. would a rotary engine perhaps, fit? I know off hand they're quite small but all in all I have no desire to really make any cuts in the frame as is.