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  • Please Help!!!

    I'm working on a 2006 Katana 600 for a friend of mine. I know absolutely nothing about them but I own a gsxr 1000 and 750 so I figured it would be kinda similar.

    Background, bike is hardly ever ridden, and probably hasn't been in a year or so. My president brought it to his storage where he keeps his bike. I check it out no power. Took battery to auto zone, says battery is good, comes to find out, the 30 amp fuse had blown. replaced it and power is good to go, but when I try to start it wont turn's trying to start but wont. I don't hear the fuel pump prime or anything so Im assuming that's the issue or something in that area.

    thanks in advance.

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    There isn't a fuel pump, gravity fed carbs. The manual is available in "mechanics 101". Does it turn over but, not start? Carbs need cleaned you need to download carbs 102.
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      These bikes have no fuel pumps, and I'd say since it's been sitting for a year or so the carbs will need a complete tear down and cleaning.

      Check out carbs 102.


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        Check for spark, buy yeah, probably the carbs.
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