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05 gsx750f tachometer not working questions

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  • 05 gsx750f tachometer not working questions

    I dont like this cluster setup, does Anyone know anything about these tachs? In general i mean.
    When these tachs die, do they usually die from a broken wire or internal electronic circuit failure?
    Is it even worth chasing wires trying to see whats wrong or are these tachs more or less disposable?

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    Ok so i was bored and dug thru a clymer on this issue,, the clymer is not all that clear on testing,, so does anyone know?, is there supposed to be continuity across pins 5 & 14 or is there no tach test available for the tach?

    The next page over i see a specific paragraph dealing with the tach, it says disconect the black/yeller wire from the ecu and tach, check for continuity if theres continuity the problem is in ecu or the tach (no shit) and theres no specific testing procedure available, purchase ky & see dealer , so from that i interp all you can check is the wiring between the ecu and tach only, that cant be correct or is it?

    Do you guys think this second part dealing specifically with the tach supercede part one and part one is for all the rest of the guages exept the tach?

    Im thinking it does, and theres no way to test the tach on the cluster, any info or confirmation on this issue would be helpful...
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