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Cylinder four not firing, Found likely issue (Carbs)

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  • Cylinder four not firing, Found likely issue (Carbs)

    near the end of last riding season I cleaned my carbs. Berrymans Dip, soaked each one and all soakable parts, replaced o rings reassembled.

    Imagine not noticing I had a cylinder not firing (due to no gas). That is in fact what I did. I've been trying to correct this over the last two weeks. I've narrowed down my success to two actions.

    1. redipping the carb and parts for 48hrs


    2. properly installing the 112.5 and 115 stock jets... I had them all out of order.

    So now I'm running on all 4 again. I'm thinking the second dip got it, but wonder how much the mixed up jets contributed, if any...

    just glad to be ready for riding season!!!
    yep, I think I'm finally responsible enough to ride a bike that I don't have to pedal ; )