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Need Help with Fueling Issue

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  • Need Help with Fueling Issue

    Hi everyone,

    I have a 2000 Katana 750 with aftermarket exhaust and Factory Pro Jet kit installed. About three months ago I removed the carburetor bank for cleaning which I have done many times in the past with no issue. Cleaned everything as usual and meticulously replaced each and every o-ring, spring, jet, etc. Put the carbs back on and now I have the following issue:

    At approximately 3k RPM with just a small amount of throttle in order to maintain speed (slow speed cruising) the engine studders and runs rough. Once I top about 4500 RPM it smooths out. When Im accelerating hard it runs perferctly. It idles perfectly.

    -I have checked, rechecked, and checked again jets, emulsion tubes, needle height, and float height. Float height is at 10mm but this has always been the level and ran perfectly before.
    -All hoses have been checked.
    -Fuel filter has been checked - clear.
    -Fuel intake boots have been removed, the gaskets replaced, and checked for leaks afterward. No leaks.
    -The connections between the carbs and manifold boots have also been checked for air leaks. None.
    -The slide diaphragms are intact and in excellent condition with no tears. Also the O rings along the gasket of the 'caps' are intact as well.

    Anyone have any ideas? Im at the point to where Im ready to just purchase another bank of carburetors.

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    I'd say adjust the float height to the correct level. Float height is critical.
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      Originally posted by 92xjunker View Post
      I'd say adjust the float height to the correct level. Float height is critical.
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        I doubt you're adjusting the float level correctly. The 98+ BSR carbs need to have the heights set when the floats are just flopped over, not just flipped upside down.


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          Try the below link for adjusting the float heights. I was having issues getting mine set right before using the below method. Now I'm set thanks to Junker recommending the below!