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Dreaded weak spark

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  • Dreaded weak spark

    Hi guys only my second or third post. I have a 97 katana that is having a starting/running issue. I originally had issues with the CDI but I replaced that, replaced the plugs, no dice, I checked compression and it was good, if I spray 2+2 or carb cleaner in the air box and give it a second then it will turn over in a few tries and will stay started until it burns it up. When it starts cylinders 2 and 4 do not get hot(headers) but one and 3 are hot to the touch. What is anyone's thoughts? Do I need to rebuild the carbs again? Am I not getting enough fuel? Do I maybe need to replace the coil packs? Maybe my ground is bad? I need ideas because I'm out of them

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    Sounds like clogged pilot circuit. Also, what is your coil input voltage while starting? Should be 11v or higher.
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      Before assuming weak spark, I'd get a spark gap tester (or make one) to confirm/deny directly.