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actual fuel level in floats

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  • actual fuel level in floats

    Working on my '95 kat750 which I bought not running and with totally jammed up carbs (slides and throttle shafts stuck).

    Our float height spec is 13.6 - 15.6 mm. has anyone ever done a visual check of the actual bowl fuel level with clear tubing? I ask because I went through the carbs and made visual note of float heights on initial disassembly I could see that the float heights were such that the float seams was not parallel with the carb body. They looked like they were sagging and I had to adjust the floats way up on assembly to get up to 14.7 mm (37/64").

    Well I had some problems first time through the chute with a very high idle but now that's resolved. Pretty sure it was the old tired float assembly orings I reused allowing excess fuel into the bowls and/or the choke.. However, now #1 was intermittently firing and # 3 doesn't get hot at all. And that #3 plug came out clean and had no gas smell. I went through electrics, compression, the carbs again (pilot circuits looked good), and now again I'm looking closer at carbs and thinking harder. I leveled the carbs and bowls and did a bowl fuel level measurement and it was about 0.25" (7mm) below the gasket surface. That just seems low and I'm wondering too dam low? I know the spec is just float height but I looked for a mark on the bowls and there is an embossed line about 3mm below the gasket surface.

    Scratching head, searched this forum more and found below thread where a guy had exactly same problem which appears to have been resolved by setting the floats at 14mm. well if I wanted the fuel to go up 4mm, I'd have to drop the float heights by 4/5 mm (factory pro says there's a 1:5 ratio). So that means drop them 0.8 mm and set them right about 14mm. This guy ended up setting his carbs at 14mm. Is that what everyone uses??

    whoops, this thread:
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    14.7 here....the trick is to make sure both floats are at the same height.
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