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Seat removal question (research has been done!)

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  • Seat removal question (research has been done!)

    Hey guys, I have a 93 Blue Katana 600. I've been having trouble getting it to start, so I was going to remove the battery and put it on my charger. Unfortunately, I cannot figure out how to get the damn seat off. I've tried for hours, looked up videos, and searched threads on this forum.
    I know this is a common question, but I just can't figure it out!

    The seat doesn't lift, there's no key hole I can find on the left side of the bike, am I just stupid?

    Included are pictures of my seat, help would be very much appreciated.

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    That hole in the plastic right between the seam of the two seats should have a locking mechanism in it that uses your key to remove. If that hole is empty, it's possible it's been moved. Look behind the plastic or suffrage. There should be a sheathed cable (kinda like a clutch cable) that turning the key opens the latch that holds the seat down
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      It's a pain to get it off if its completely missing but, can be done from underneath.
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        Yeah, it looks like there's no keyhole there-- it must have been moved.

        If I pry the seat apart from the passenger seat I can kind of see something

        is this what you're talking about? How would I go about removing the seat if there's no keyhole?


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          That's the lock mechanism. It's basically a hole with a lobster claw like mechanism that grabs the peg on the bottom of the seat. When you turn the key, it pulls a cable that opens the grip for the seat to come out. On the left side (driver side) of the locking mechanism is a sheathed cable that runs to where the key tumbler would be. I would suggest taking that rear fairing off and snapping a couple pics. Maybe some one can locate the cable and show you where to look.

          In this particular picture, the tumblers have been replaced with a pull ring it looks like. Pull cable - > unlock seat

          There's a screw under the tail, next to the tail light, don't miss that one. The other two or three are pretty obvious
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            Thanks for the advice!! I found a little twist tie pully that had been rigged, I pulled on it and the seat came off