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93 Katana 600 with the 2nd gear issue

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  • 93 Katana 600 with the 2nd gear issue

    Hi all,

    Okay so I have searched this already and haven't found much at all. I was wondering if I could source the guts from a 98+ transmission in which the issue has been fixed, and swap those into my case. If not, I don't really want to go through my transmission and order/replace individual parts.

    I would like to swap the parts from a fully functional unit, but preferably from a 98+ in which the design flaw issue has been resolved. Is this possible?

    What's my best option? I would love to get her fixed by spring...

    Thanks! -Zack

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    you may want to look into having a machine shop undercut the dogs on the gears. If they arent too fucked up, it could be recoverable, and with new shift forks and undercut gears, you should never have the problem again.

    All katana transmissions are kinda shitty. Even if you end up having to replace the gears, if you plan to keep the bike a long time, undercutting them will ensure their longevity.

    On that note, I had a buddy with a cbr lose 2nd gear. Bought a new trans off ebay. 2nd gear was toast on that one too. Used transmissions are dangerous.
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