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Having Gas Trouble...

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  • Having Gas Trouble...

    Hi, i recently bought a 1998 katana 600 and it started leaking gas. so i went to take off the carb rail and i find its leaking from the far right carb on the bottom bowl... well i decided to put the carb back on and see if it was for sure leaking from there because i know if you get these off sync its a pain in the a** to get back syncd right if you dont have the tool. so i get it all back together and now it wont crank i put everything back the way it was. and i have cleaned carbs before and i know how they work i just have never messed with the 4 rail carbs... i was just wondering if someone has had this happen to them before and what the easiest fix and cheapest fix is without having to take it to someone who will charge me an arm and a leg... Thanks in advance any advice yall can give me is appreciated!