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Carbs 101 sync

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  • Carbs 101 sync

    I cleaned and unstuck butterflies on carbs for a bike that sat before I bought it.. During bench sync I could only sync to the second little hole.. The balance between carb pairs wouldn't bring 1/2 back to meet 3/4 at the little hole. So I synced to the second hole. On the bike, they were synced pretty close (I tweaked on the bike with guages) but the bike idles at 5000 rpm with the idle adjuster all the way off, slack in the throttle cable, and chokes closed. I suspect I bent something trying to unstuck the butterflies but looking at the carb set, all the butterflies ARE snapping pretty closed... Going to check the choke plungers for leaks today but I can't imagine any vacuum leak bringing idle to 5000 rpm.
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