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bandit 1200 efi? gsxr harness

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  • bandit 1200 efi? gsxr harness

    i have a pre kat with a the bandit 1200 motor. i am looking to move to fuel injection. my first thought was to use the megasquirt system and do it that way with gsxr 1k throttlebodies and such but more i think about it i was thinking why cant i just use the wireing harness and everything from the gsxr and do it that way. use wiringharness throttlebodies sensors and the likes and be able to use a pc3 for the fueling. anybody see any problems that would occur to much with this?

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    You'll have to find away to install all the electronics and sensors from the GIXXER as well and they quite often don't install easily. Just easier to megasquirt it.
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