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does anyone have a spare choke lever

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  • does anyone have a spare choke lever

    hey guys,
    does anyone have a spare choke lever they could sell me for a 2000 750? Just the plastic part that goes on the left controls on the handlebar. I dropped my bike a while ago and it broke, so for six months I've just been pulling the cable to choke the bike and it's annoying. I can't find anything on eBay and suzuki sells the entire thing as a control assembly for ~$150. Out of desperation I ordered a 2000 GSXR 600 from eBay (they look identitcal) and it does NOT fit. Not sure what else to do Anyone??

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    I broke my choke lever, had to research other options and ended up with a Bandit 00-05 1200 for $8.95 from an eBay seller.
    2006 750


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      Alight I found a '01-'05 Bandit 1200 lever on ebay for nine bucks, hoping for the best, thanks man. Super annoying not having one.