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One Valve with Very Small Clearance?

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  • One Valve with Very Small Clearance?

    Hey guys,

    1996 GSX600F

    Doing the readings for my valve adjustment today (I've done it before on a different bike with shim over bucket adjust), however, I had one valve which, to me, is giving a very troubling reading.

    Actually, I couldn't get much of a reading at all.

    Because my smallest gauge wouldn't fit! I have a Motion Pro feeler gauge set with .003 mm as the smallest. Every other valve was readable, but my right (from the perspective of sitting on the bike) cylinder 1 exhaust valve wouldn't even fit a .003 mm gauge. I turned the engine several times and checked again - very very tight.

    What am I looking at here? A bent valve? A burnt valve? Some sort of bad "connection" somewhere in the parts between the cam lobe and the shim? Or just a random valve which decided to beat its face into the seat so hard relative to the rest of them that it is very out of spec?

    Anyone seen this before?

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    Or an old ooops when adjusting the valves previously. Change the shim and recheck it at 7500 miles. (Next interval)
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