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06 katana bandit swap sprocket offset

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  • 06 katana bandit swap sprocket offset

    Im having some trouble finding the correct information for this I put a 1200 bandit motor in my 06 750 katana the last real issue Im having with it is the front sprocket on the bandit motor sits farther out than the the rear on the stock 750 swing arm

    I thought I read if i swapped to a 530 chain and sprockets they would just line up and be golden?

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    The bandit 1200 motor is a direct swap. I've done it myself. I'm not sure why your front offset is out. Are you sure it's a bandit motor? What year?

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      2002 bandit 1200 i portabanded it ill try and take a pic of it


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        looked into it further and the offset is very very minor just being overly paranoid


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          Originally posted by Lizardslap View Post
          i portabanded it

          You what? Ported it? If that's a yes...oooooooooooh
          Either way, we love pics.
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            Originally posted by shpielers View Post
            You what? Ported it? If that's a yes...oooooooooooh
            Either way, we love pics.
            no sorry portable bandsaw not gonna lie wasn't my idea to gut the bandit but what ya gonna do wasn't my bike at the time

            bike originally

            test fitting bandit face katana headlights aren't very good

            more test fit

            engine out that was pretty sketchy way to do it

            engine in

            few more things and a new chain and it should be good to go fires up and runs right now at least
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              FYI, the sprocket offset is the same for the kat and bandit. If your seeing it not line up, then it's more likely an issue with incorrect spacers, bent swingarm, or bent frame.

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                HMMMM, cut up a Bandit to fix a Kat.......Almost like cutting up a Porsche to fix a VW.
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