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Katana is acting up

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  • Katana is acting up

    2000 Suzuki katana 600 I had an issue starting the bike 1 morning do to a cold start. I drained the battery left and went to work. I came home to try to start it and realized I left the choke wide open and all the gas had drip out from underneath the air box. I also notice I may have to change out the pet cock because when it's on fuel setting gas will continue to run with the choke on or off. So I charged the battery and got it started by removing the air box hose that connect to the crank case and it started up. I connected the air box back road it to get gas got gas got to the light and it bogged out and died. So I started it up road it home it bogged out and died in the parking lot. The only way it will run if disconnect the hose. I have a video please check out it give some advice.

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    You need to service your carbs. Fuel should NOT continue to flow when the bike isn't running, no matter what you set the petcock or choke at. Fuel in your airbox means there is fuel in the oil also. Problem- float needles are not sealing off the fuel from the tank.
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      So i need an oil change and a carb clean dat sux i have a friend that cleaned his carbs hopefully he has time to helpt thanks 92xjunker