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Bike cuts off when put in gear

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  • Bike cuts off when put in gear

    My bike is fine in neutral but when i put it in gear even with the kickstand up it cuts off. If it has a kickstand switch how can i bypass this? 97 600
    97 Suzuki Katana 600
    99 Suzuki jrx50
    00 Honda Xr200

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    You can chase the wires coming off the switch to a connector on the right side. Disconnect the connector and run a jumper to simulate a closed switch. Rode mine for a few days that way. Of course if your jumper is a little loose then the ignition can stop while at speed. Then the jumper can reconnect, giving you and everyone around you a startling moment (think BIG bang). Ask me how I know this.

    All that said, for your own safety and the safety of anyone you may let ride it in the future, track down a new side stand switch.