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    Is there anyone who manufacturers aftermarket carbs for my 1989 Katana 750?
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    Mikuni......not anywhere near cheap or streetable. RS36 flat slides.
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      Those are like 800-1200 so...definitely not cheap. and have to get tuned before every ride pretty much.

      If you want a little more performance out of the stockers, add a factory pro jet kit.

      If yours are knackered, wait till Arsenic has a rebuilt set for sale. It's like new only better cause the factory didn't F up the settings.
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        Both Mikuni and Keihin make aftermarket flat slides that are spaced correctly for oil cooled engines. I would never recommend using them on a daily rider. They were originally made for race bike that got dynoed before every race. After you spend ~$800 on the flat slide carbs, you're looking at another $400 at least in a massive assortment of different jetting.