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Carbs 101 missing part?

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  • Carbs 101 missing part?

    Did all the carb pre-assembly matching up of the parts that arrived. I'd placed my parts order straight off the carbs 101 list (plus some extra things not directly related to the carb rebuild).

    Ran into an o-ring that I did not have a replacement for. After digging through my parts, matching up my receipt, and viewing the carbs diagram online it turns out that part #13295-29900 (for the needle valve) is not in the list. There's some additional confusion because the small float bowl o-ring is listed by Suzuki as a "needle valve o-ring" (makes sense in a way, but doesn't match up with my naming expectations ).

    Is this o-ring just not normally replaced? Katana "R" model carbs an oddball and others don't use it? Or, part number just got left off the carbs 101 list? Just curious.

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    They are included in the rebuild kit. If you ordered them individually then it may have been left off the list.
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