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Clutch issue? carb issue? bike bogged down

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  • Clutch issue? carb issue? bike bogged down

    So i was riding my kat today, my 88 1100.

    A month ago i redid my carbs, added some seafoam to the tank, there's never been anything in the tank, but i wanted to run some through the carb passages during operation. Ran great, has since

    Bike had been sitting since then, about a month. Took it out for a spin, made it about 30km. Out of nowhere, the bike started to lurch and stumble a bit, it did this for about 20 seconds, after that 20 seconds, there was a noticeable kinda.. hiccup, and the bike lost all power, just enough time for me to get onto a shoulder.

    Pulled the tank up, thought maybe i had a pinched vac line, maybe kinked fuel line, etc... couldnt see anything out of place.

    I had no tools, far away from home, no contacts. completely screwed. Managed to get it fired back up, and lurched home at about 40kpm with no power.

    but heres how the bike behaved on that trip:
    -Would not idle. would die at an idle in neutral. had to hold the throttle to keep it alive. Couldnt adjust the idle speed, didnt have the knob on (of course)
    -no torque from a start, sputtered and choked, barely moved, but would slowly pick up speed. Felt like i was running on one or two cylinders.
    -once moving, it did have torque, it climbed a hill no problem.
    -no gas smell from the bike, no big clouds of smoke.
    -i tried running the bike with the choke full open, it seemed to give a hair more power, but the bike idled worse.

    heres the strange one.
    -while throttling up, SOMETIMES, it would lurch forward, randomly for a split second, like it was about to just fix itself, i could feel the lost power in the lurching- so whatever this is, its barely there, just enough to cause the issue.
    this is a huge issue, as while travelling, it would randomly buck, like its was trying to throw me off.

    -a few hours later, after the bike had cooled, i went to fire it up, held in the clutch while in first, and the bike advances. it seems the clutch is still engaged while pulled in- this wasnt the case before. is my clutch dead?

    Any ideas would be welcomed.
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    Check your oil for fuel, sounds like a flooding issue, a lean (no fuel) issue would get better with the choke.
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