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Finding Parts for Carb Rebuild

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  • Finding Parts for Carb Rebuild

    Hello folks,

    91 600 Katana. Cleaning my carbs and trying to find parts for what needs to be replaced.

    I have found this kit by searching here:

    However, I don't think this contains everything I need. Here is what I know I need:

    - Small Pilot jet Plugs
    - One Long spring for Slide

    - O-rings on bottom of tan plastic diaphragms:

    I have seen a set of used springs on ebay, but if I can buy a single new one that would be great. I am also unsure of where to get the pilot jet plugs and diaphragm o-rings. I have also read that the sync caps (?) may need to be replaced if they are cracked, although I didn't see anything, and I am away from them at the moment.

    If anyone has suggestions of where to find the needed pieces, that would be great Thanks!
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      Originally posted by 92xjunker View Post

      Excellent - thanks 92x. I've been looking for a fiche-type site for parts.

      Could anyone verify that the pilot jet plug is the following on this page?

      35: PLUG


      Edit: I also can't seem to find the O-Rings on the bottom of the tan plastic diaphragms. EDIT #2: I now see that #7 Plumbing O-rings from Home Depot should work for these. I will have to try this!
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        Those were included in the kits I got for my 1100. Never opened the kits I got for my 600, never had the need...
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          Originally posted by shpielers View Post
          Those were included in the kits I got for my 1100. Never opened the kits I got for my 600, never had the need...

          Thanks shpielers - I am now considering just ordering the parts I need from BikeBandit. My float bowl gaskets are in good shape; the main things I need are O-rings and plugs. That way I would also know exactly what I'm getting. The "carb rebuild kits" I have found don't really spell it all out.

          I'll price it out and see if I save any money.