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  • Carb sync tools...

    1) Build vs. buy? I planned on buying, but was reading an article last night about building your own (for airplane use, but a carb's a carb, so the same principle would apply). Anyone gone the build route?

    2) If buy, which ones do you guys like? I've read some pretty mixed reviews about the Motion Pro, which is the one all the shops seem to carry. I'd rather get something better if possible, what's better without being expensive for no reason?

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    I have heard good things about the morgan carbtune.

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      +1, haven't heard anything bad about those. Personally I have the motion pro one. Works well enough.
      I've also built two different styles before, I prefer the one I bought.
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        I built my own. Only use that setup now.
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          +2 on the motion pro.
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            I grabbed a Morgan (for a very good price off CL) before I even had a bike. Used it a couple times. Dead simple to use and easily read. Not much more to say....