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Exhaust Can and Running Lean/Rich? any ideas please..

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  • Exhaust Can and Running Lean/Rich? any ideas please..

    Hello everyone,This is my first post on here and I would appreciate a little help on this one from any members on here,A couple of months back I bought a 2000 gsxf 600.Pretty much mint with 2100 on the clock,yesterday I was cleaning the chrome on the exhaust pipe and I noticed something stuck in between the end of the can and the baffle.I took out the baffle and lots of bits and pieces of lightweight material came out when I withdrew the baffle,I take it that it is some sort of packing material,being as it was all in small pieces I had no way of putting it back,so I simply put the baffle tube back in,problem is the bike now has a rough tickover and pops back through the can when accelerating hard and decelerating.Any ideas please?

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    My understanding is that the "popping" on decel is generally caused by a lean condition. With lean A/F ratios the exhaust temps can get hot enough for unburned gasses to actually ignite in the pipe causing the "popping" sound. A simple fix would be to adjust the mixture screws to 2 1/2 turns out from lightly seated on a stock bike. Underneath each carberator there are four brass caps that need drilled/removed using a dremel then using a small flat blade screwdriver turn the screws all the way in (clockwise) until LIGHTLY SEATED then turn counterclockwise 2 1/2 turns (counterclockwise) then re-install carbs. Be careful when drilling as the plugs are very soft so as to avoid stripping the screws located just underneath. These bikes are set too lean from the factory as it is for EPA regulations. After doing the adjustment you will find that your bike will run/ride better than it did and the popping will go away. Also since you have a 98+ model Kat make sure you run the OEM stock air filter.


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      Thanks very much for your advice,seems like simple fix,yes i do run the stock filter,which i replaced a month back.


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        Look at installing a jet kit also.
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          Thank you all for your input.its appreciated


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            Air vent Hoses,help!

            thanks for the replies re the carbs/mixture,i have just removed the seat in preparation of removing the petrol tank to access the carbs.while i was removing the air filter,according to the manual,there should be 2 vent hoses attached to the air filter housing,there are non fitted to mine! just the clips where they should have any of you guys know what they are for and if so,where they lead to? I can buy the lengths of tube from my local garage,I just need to know where to put em! Thanks in advance.


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              They are vent tubes for the carbs. The purpose they serve is only if the bike is dropped gas wont spill from the carbs onto the engine. They each connect on one end to "T" connecters between carbs 1-2 and 3-4. The other end are open that go over the top and the back of the airbox facing the seat.


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                thanks again for your valued help my friend