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Will a "dot" head fit on a post 600?

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  • Will a "dot" head fit on a post 600?

    Hey guys I have a quick question regarding the highly sought after "Dot" head found on early Kats. I've searched the forums on here and it's my understanding that they flow better and provide a little more pep to the engine. Would this special head be a direct bolt-on for a '04 Kat 600 without changing anything else? Is it even compatible with a post 600? I've searched on Ebay and Amazon for a used one in good condition and found nothing. If it is a direct bolt-on without changing anything else I'm in the market for one. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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    There are 98+ DOT heads too. I think you need to google a little more. Just for the record, if you do swap to a DOT head, you're not going to notice a damn thing. It's a Katana man, point A to point B.


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      Ok I'll just leave it the way it is. Thank you Arsenic for the helpful advice. Much appreciated. I got enough mods done to it already. The '88 gixxer IN and EX 750 cams with the Ivans needles, different jetting, grinded out stock header weld slop to flush, and ignition advancer has already made it truly fast. Long story short for those reading this I have found out the hard way that the Ivans kit is for the anemic stock Katana cams and the Factory Pro kit is for the gixxer 750 cams because Factory Pro comes with different sized jet sets in their kit whereas Ivans comes with only one set. However the cam swap alone after getting the jetting dialed in has made the power above 7k RPMs absolutely sick. It's crazy that the cams made such a substantial difference in the upper range. Pulls more like a true 600cc sportbike once the tach needle passes that "7" mark. A bona fide "sleeper" Katana it is.
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