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Replaced Right Side handle assy , now headlight not coming on

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  • Replaced Right Side handle assy , now headlight not coming on

    Title pretty much sums it up, my starter button wasnt coming back out after starting so replaced whole assembly, now headlight doesnt come on. Fuses look good, all connectors look good. Any ideas? ??

    Okay, after researching the connector that goes to the headlight assy, my old harness had a 10 pin connector and the new one had 8 pin.. i'm assuming the person i bought it from mislabeled the part. Can someone confirm that the 8 pin connector is for a earlier model?

    Yeah, I forgot to mention it's 2006,, and just installed new switch assy, 10 pin. Works perfect, so if anyone else needs to replace that switch/ harness, make sure to check whether 8 pin or 10 pin connector.
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    Can't help, but noticed your join date and post count. Almost 10 years ghosting!

    Sounds like you have a pre when you say earlier correct? I know some of the wiring changed for ...'96? and '97, might want to mention what year your bike is, could be helpful to someone who knows more about the electronics.
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