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Please help, locks up during crank

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  • Please help, locks up during crank

    When I try to crank my 2004 Suzuki Katana 750, it sounds like it locks up. I'm not sure what the problem is or how to fix it. If anyone can offer any solutions or guidance I would be very appreciative. Please see the attached video.

    This is an intermittent problem. Sometimes it cranks up just fine and other times it does this.

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    check the oil level and smell it, bet there is fuel in there. Sounds like Your hydro locking the engine, carbs are dumping fuel in the motor.
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      The tube your pointing at is oil tube, gas coming out it means you have fuel in the oil. As mentioned, check that... it's an issue. Could be hydro-lock, but...

      A loose starter will also twist and bind up causing things to lock up. I'd check that too.

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        Thank you both for the quick replies. I'm gonna check it out and see if I can't get it fixed up. The thing has been sitting in my garage for several years and I just pulled the carbs and scrubbed them and got her running again then this. Hopefully this is it.