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Removing Throttle cable from Carbs?

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  • Removing Throttle cable from Carbs?

    Hi folks,

    Please forgive the novice question; I am quite new to motorcycle mechanics. Ive searched extensively and am not finding much.

    91 Katana 600. I am trying to remove and clean the carbs for the first time. Following Carbs 101, I have gotten the idle adjustment screw and choke cable off, but cannot figure out how to get the damn throttle cable off.

    I cannot get a wrench in here to turn this blasted nut between #2 and 3. Even removing the philips-head rail would not help, since there is not enough space to even turn an open-end wrench:

    I have removed the small pin at the end of the cable from the metal retaining clip, but it seems like this nut has to come off before i can pull the carbs from the bike.

    I am probably being daft, but I can't figure this out. Any help would be much appreciated.

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    open end wrench, at a 45 degree angle. Turn to loosen, then finger turn out.

    93 750 Kat

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      Yup, doesn't take much of a turn to break it loose. It's not like you have to wrench it all the way out, just get it loose and the unscrew it by hand and it's done.


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        Thank you guys! I ended up disassembling the grip and taking the cable out there to get started; once the carbs were off the nut came off quickly as you said with a slight wrenching.