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Vortex keyless fuel cap.

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  • Vortex keyless fuel cap.

    I have a vortex fuel cap on my 89 750, I have been reading that these caps are not vented properly and can cause running issues. My bike after running for a while starts running extremely poor. Then after being parked for a bit, I noticed fuel leaks up around the cap base and down the tank, is this an issue of improper venting?

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    Absolutely could be. Vac in the tank slows fuel delivery, excessive pressure in the tank will cause strange fuel leaks. I can't remember what I did to mine. I'll have to pry around and try to remember.
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      Thank you, I have read so much about venting issues with these caps and modifying the Allen screw/spring/ball to remedy the issue


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        Trying to remember what I did with mine... Believe I removed the spring, possibly both spring and the ball and mine worked great. Been too many years and too many drinks since then.
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          Thank you so much, I was thinking about doing that