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After a crash

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  • After a crash

    Soooooo I was hit by a car on the freeway, needless to say the bike went down. I have it back at home, and not there is no power anywhere, ignition, cluster, anything. checked the fuses (the main fuse too ) nothing they are all good, most of the visible wires look good, no idea what where the problem could be. to make it short, turn key, no electrical power anywhere, oh yeah checked the battery too.
    oh yeah is a 01 750

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    The problem is it got hit by a car. I'm guessing that messed some stuff up. Glad your ok, bikes can be fixed.


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      YEah only a broken left knee, ill heal, but the bike needs to be up, looking at it all bangged up just depresses me, I'm sure something if broken, the problem is finding what. The forks are all bend, but I already order new ones, need to get the bike surring before I even worry about the forks.


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        Probably have to break out the multi meter and start tracing from the battery...
        Good luck healing. I moved up to Oakland a few months ago (from San Jose), traffic is a complete bitch. Glad you were able to walk (relatively speaking...) away after going down in that mess.
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          I remember the post have an issue when they go down, a plug on the right side gets fuckered up. I can't find the post.....
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            Well, if the forks are fuggered, then the ignition switch and wires / plugs may have taken some dmg as well.

            Simple answer... do some disassembly, take the plastics and tank off... trouble shoot with a volt meter and or look for any damaged wires and connectors. Your going to need to do some work, we won't be able to just say "this is the problem *points finger"

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