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GSX750F - no spark on LH side but coils ok

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  • GSX750F - no spark on LH side but coils ok

    Hi guys,

    I've just bought a 1998 750f and would love some advice
    It only runs on the 2nd and 3rd cylinder.
    I have tested both coils which work fine if swapped around.
    But I am unable to get a spark on the LH side. I have tried replacing the CDI but still no joy. I believe there is a pulse generator located somewhere, could it be this or some bad wiring?
    Any help would be great.

    Thanks in advance...

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    I'm new to Katanas, but if I read your post correctly, the coil that fires the #2 and #3 plugs fires the other two plugs if those coil wires are switched to the #1 and #4 cylinder's spark plugs? If that's the case, and the coil checks OK then it sounds to me like there's a wiring problem that sends power to the coil that's not working.

    FWIW....I'm waiting for a replacement coil to put on my '06 GSX600F. In my case though, I had proper resistance through the primary side of the coil (wiring harness plugs), but didn't have continuity through the secondary side (plug cap to plug cap). The plug caps themselves checked OK, so it pretty much was narrowed down to the plug wires themselves or the coil. I guess I'll know in a couple days when the replacement coil and wires arrives.

    I hope that helps and apologize if that's something you already knew.



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      Sounds like you need to trace the wire from the coil to the CDI unit and verify continuity. You also need to verify you have +12V at the coil for # 1 & 4.

      Almost certainly a connectivity issue.
      2005 Katana 750


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        What B Man said. I had the same issue with 1 and 4. I replaced the pulse generator forgetting I taped a few frayed wires when I bought it. Seems the lead from the igniter box to the coil only had 2 threads of wire connected. Cut and placed wire connector in and viola she's a screamer again.