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Where's the fuel sender disconnect?

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  • Where's the fuel sender disconnect?

    So, I'm pulling the tank from my '94 Katana 600, and I ran into a small snag. Everything is disconnected except for the fuel sender wire. I'm told there should be a disconnect somewhere, but I don't see it. The tank side has what looks like a non removable wire going into the sender. It then dives down into the bowels of the machine where I can't see it (but have traced it by feel/movement). Eventually it goes straight into what looks like the main wiring harness. Nowhere along the length have I found anywhere to disconnect it, but I could easily be missing it as it's so hard to trace. Can anyone tell me exactly how far down the disconnect should be found?
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    It's buried in that boot. Single wire.
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      Originally posted by 92xjunker View Post
      It's buried in that boot. Single wire.
      Cool. Makes sense. I was afraid to pull on it there for fear of being wrong and causing a much more costly repair.

      Now, if only the thunderstorms would stop long enough for me to get back out there!