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  • Help 88 600 carbs

    New to the forum and sorry if this is not the place to post. My 88 katana is giving me HELL. only has 8k on it, bought it running and driving mint for 1000$. Has Vance and Hines pipe on it. One day I went to start it and it runs but when given gas it stays at about 5-8k for a few seconds then slowly drops down. Put a carb rebuild kit in it, still doing the same thing (besides it finally stopped leaking gas). Bike idols fine, just doesn't wanna drop back down. Pulled the air box and started it and noticed the carbs on cylinder #1 was not going up, the other three were working fine. Also noticed in my travels that when the gas tank is on and secured the fuel line doesn't seem long enough and kinks up right out of the petcock. Bike is also being run with a fuel filter on the main line (how I got it). I can post a video of how it's running if possible. Any help is much appreciated as I'm about to put a free sign on it.

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    First, fix the known issues. Second check the diaphragm in carb 1 for proper fitment and or pin holes. Check for cable/linkage bind. Where are the A/f set to?
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