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Clip-on Handlebar Tube

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  • Clip-on Handlebar Tube

    After looking through eBay offerings, and checking pricing of new replacement handlebar tubes, I decided to fabricate a new one myself. I had some left over 7/8" X .095" D.O.M. tubing from a project for my fabrication business. It turns out the bent clip-on tube that was on my bike was within .005" of the same wall thickness. It was just a matter of matching the notch position for the one pinch bolt that holds it into the holder clamp, and the hole that aligns and holds the handlebar control into position. To install the bar end, I found a "plug" about 5/8" diameter in the drop bin of my iron worker from punching holes into some 1/2" steel plate. It already had a dimple in the middle from the punch that was used. I drilled it to the required size for the 6MM bar end weight bolt and tapped threads. I had to use some shims to hold it centered and straight in the end of the tube and then tacked, and welded it in place with the TIG welder. I saved a few $$ and didn't have to wait for the "brown truck" to bring the part I needed. I just love fixing things on the cheap! photos of the process.