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Hello fellow "KATRIDAS"-Bike won't hold idle

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  • Hello fellow "KATRIDAS"-Bike won't hold idle

    I have been having a problem with my 96 Katana 750. I had the engine replaced and when I got it back, I started having idling issues(I don't know why the mechanic had to touch my carbs to replace an engine, nothing was wrong with my carbs/idling prior to the engine swap.). I have since had my carbs adjusted, new lines installed, cleaned, and an inline fuel filter installed. This was done supposedly by a professional mechanic. I got my bike back a couple of days ago and it is still doing the same thing.

    It starts and it runs, when it gets to operating temperature, the idle drops below 1500 rpm's and eventually dies out. It's very difficult to restart after this happens to a point where you end up draining the battery to do so. The only time i had to use the choke to start my bike is the first thing in the morning. I am at a loss for words as to what's going on and before I spend anymore money trying to get it to hold an idle, I thought I'd check with y'all to see if any of you have had a similar problem and what is the diagnoses and solution. I can take it to one more mechanic, which would be the third one to try and get it fixed,or I don't know, sell it maybe? Seems to me the carbs may be out of sync with each other.

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    Carb issue or petcock issue. Put it on prime and try running it. FYI pre bikes are not designed for fuel filters, that may also be the issue.
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      the mechanic installed it

      it was doing that before he installed the filter and cleaned the air filter. he replaced missing air/fuel mixture screws, o-rings, and adjusted each carb.
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