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"New" bike don't know what to expect

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  • "New" bike don't know what to expect

    So I have just recently bout myself a 1990 katana gsx750f I have heard it run and I have tested the gears for smooth shifting. It shifted to what I thought was smooth, got the bike home and bought a stock air box for it as it was missing (that came in today), I didn't really test out the bike because it ran like crap without the air box but I have the day off tomorrow and I'm going to put the box in it and see how she sounds warmed up.

    I noticed when I unloaded the bike from the trailer that if I had the bike in gear I couldn't roll it down the driveway (sloped at about 45 downhill) I had to push with a little gumption. I'm also going to change the oil tomorrow since it's blackish any recommendations for oil and filter, the bike also has 56k miles or so I'm told by PO (no speedo to confirm mileage).

    I have given it a once over and I know what works on it and what doesn't but what really concerns me is the sprockets they look like saw blades from a skill saw so I'm hoping that I won't have to replace more then the sprockets and chain so I can ride for the rest of the season. I will give it a huge servicing during the winter months, if I can't then huge servicing comes early

    But anyway sorry to trail off a couple times my two concerns are the clutch drag and the saw like sprockets but I don't really know what I'm jumping into I already have one project bike I don't want to have to rebuild another bike from the ground up
    1990 gsx750f katana

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    You're not supposed to be able to roll something while it's in gear, that why neutral is a thing.


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      Welcome aboard

      Sounds like you probably know this, but avoid cheap chains. They'll fail very quickly.

      Carbs might need syncing if it's been a while.

      There is a manual available for download on the site somewhere, it will have the procedure for adjusting the clutch at the motor (as opposed to the handlebar). I'm assuming you were pulling the clutch in while trying to roll the bike in gear.

      Wix and K&N make good oil filters (avoid K&N for air filters though, they lean out the bike too much). I've used shell Rotella T-6 for about 60k miles, 0 issues. As long as it's not energy conserving car oil you'll be ok.

      Btw, that guy ^ is our resident carb guru. He's sarcastic but knows his shit.
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        I'm not trying to be an asshole, trust me, I'm good at it. I just answer questions with the same amount of dumbassness presented.