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After firing, runs crummy low throttle

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  • After firing, runs crummy low throttle

    Hello, sorry to post this as I see many familiar threads but none with the exact issues as im having. I have a 99 kat 750, and recently it has been popping(after fire?) out of the exhaust A LOT, also seems to be a little bogy/stumbles and seems to be the reason for the pops when I am cruising with maybe 5% or under throttle.. It idles fine, if i give it some gas it goes good and runs fine, but with very light throttle and cruising it runs kinda crappy.
    I changed the spark plugs and noticed that cylinder 3s plug was black, but all the others were fine.. changed the plugs and checked again 3 days after and same thing.
    Also getting a slight gas smell from the air box when i checked the air filter.
    The issue came out of no where, it wasnt like a gradual day it was running awesome then the next, this.
    Thats about all the info I can think of to give..
    If anyone can try to lead me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it.

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    Have you adjusted the A/F screws to 2.5 turns out? Have you added a full exhaust without adjusting the jetting? Both of those will cause that issue.


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      No sir, havent changed anything


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        See that part about adjusting the A/F screws to 2.5 turns out? Do that.


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          ok, ill give it a go. thank you!


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            While your in there, check your emulsion tubes for wear.

            93 750 Kat

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              The 98+ Katanas are a different animal when it comes to that. Don't confuse the pro lad.