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Removing front tire

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  • Removing front tire


    I have got a simple question regarding changing out the front tire. i've had the back one off plenty of times but I need to remove the front tire and replace it. Local shops want 70 to change the front tire if I bring bike in or 34 if I just bring the tire. Amazing!

    When the bike is on the center stand the front tire is on the ground. If I remove it, will the bike stay centered or attempt to sway backwards ect? I know it's probably a newb question but better be safe than sorry.

    Thanks in advance.

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    You'll need to support the front, some use a strap and hang it. I use jack stands on the frame rails or an ATV jack.
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      Thanks for the speedy reply. I have some jack stands so looks like I'm in business
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        Originally posted by hallj22 View Post
        Thanks for the speedy reply. I have some jack stands so looks like I'm in business
        use your phone camera to take "before" pics to help guide refit
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          Take care using jackstands. That shit makes me nervous. I hang mine.
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            You could also use a small floor jack & a 2x4 under the engine/frame just to hold it up. You don't have to lift it that much for clearance. Don't squeeze
            the front brakes wit the wheel removed. If ya have a can of brake cleaner
            it a good time to use it, I always take my tires in to change tire too as its way cheaper.


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              I use a pair of floor jacks... removed the lower cowling and then jack from the front end of the frame. This way it allows me to control the up and down on both sides and I can have the bike supported on the pair of floor jacks and the front end is free floating.

              I have also hung the front end in the past as well.


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                I use a pin lift pit stand (with appropriate rear stand as well of course).