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Electrical help. I need a pin out.

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  • Electrical help. I need a pin out.

    I bought a cheap ignition and when I installed it I had no functionality from my kat other than the brake light being stuck on. I pushed the brakes and the light didn't get brighter. Tried to crank it and there was nothing. So I jammed my broken key further in my old ignition and got it to turn and verified that my new ignition was in fact the wrong one. The connectors are the same but I imagine the wiring printouts changed from year to year. So I've requested a pin out from the manufacturer but I got nothing from them yet. I tried looking for the OE ignition pinout and came up empty handed. My plan is to hack their harness up and move the wires to the correct location. Please guys! Riding season's coming to an end in the Midwest lol

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    Why don't you use a lock smith and fix your old one? All it is is a broken key
    in the ignition right? How the hell did you do that?


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      The issue started with a corroded gas cap that I couldn't open. I broke the old one ot and needed another. In the process I broke the key in the gas door.i recovered the key fragment and then my mother in law wanted it out of the garage right the EF now. So I took the fragment over there thinking I could recover it from the ignition. Except that it's a mile deep. Okay. Now the fragment is lodged half way down and and I ordered the whole set. Gas cap seat lock and ignition because I already have too many keys and I didn't want 2 keys for my bike. So the whys and what ifs and should have don't matter.

      Through the wire diagram on 8-31 of the Haynes manual I've come to the conclusion that turning the ignition to the ON position creates 3 circuits by establishing continuity between (red and orange) (orange red and black white) and (gray and brown) and in the P position continuity between only the red and brown wires. On my China ignition I get continuity between a black wire and a black and white wire when the ignition is in the off position and the P position. This leads me to believe the switch is faulty somehow. The China switch has continuity between orange and brown and white then continuity between red an red and white while but has no continuity between the black and black and white wires with the switch on. Super confused with regards to how this is possible

      Upon further inspection I've discovered that no matter how bad I want the switch to work it won't. The contact plate in the switches are different.

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        Thanks for posting that pic/ ya that's not going to work!


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          Is there a place we can buy just the harness?


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            Chinese shit is not color coded properly. Trying to figure their wiring out isn't worth it. The whole set would be the best decision you made.

            Try or but, most just pickup a good used loom.

   Part 1-2 @$340.42
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