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  • What can it be ?

    Hello all,
    Sadly yesterday when i hit the starter along with the ignition an "explosion" occured causing some fumes ..
    Since than a loud "windy" noise comes from the rotor..
    My bike is already at the mechanic who will tell me whats wrong monday or tuesday but the waiting is killing me ..i love my kat
    Can anyone guess what the hell happened???

    video = View My Video

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    No one helped but i will post an update it may help someone else .
    It turns out one of the spark plugs was loose and it popped out .
    New plugs and ready to go !(thank god it was that simple)


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      Who didn't tighten the plug down?
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        Originally posted by 92xjunker View Post
        Who didn't tighten the plug down?
        +1^^^ Listening to the vid, that is definitely what it sounded like.
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