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I've read and searched. Won't start.

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  • I've read and searched. Won't start.

    So the other day I was going to the store to fetch something. When I came back the bike wouldn't start. Turn the key, neutral, head light on and then when I pressed the go button the head light turned off and I heard a relay click.

    Tried again and no power at all. The headlight wouldn't even turn on. The bike will start with a jump and stay running. But when I shut it off and try to start it again... Nothing

    Any ideas???? It's been running great for the past couple months. Battery is at 13V. But I never did a load test on it yet.

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    Buy a new battery.


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      the clue is " it will start when jumped"
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        But this lack of any power at all is what's puzzling. Lights don't draw that much current. I've run batteries dead before, but the lights turn on.


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          Yeah, it's confusing. I can't say why it's doing all the things it's done, but I do know how to fix it. See post #2.


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            Verify all of your electrical connections are clean and the battery terminals are tight.

            Does it start ? If not, put the battery on a charger over night.

            Does it start ? If not, buy a new battery.
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              I would start with a new battery, if it still won't start I would look at all connections and grounding points.

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                Sounds like battery, mine did the same thing, buy a new battery. If it is not the battery it is a good place to start
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                  Originally posted by dano68 View Post
                  Sounds like battery, mine did the same thing, buy a new battery. If it is not the battery it is a good place to start


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                    Yup +11111

                    battery looks like it has 12 or 13 volts but as soon as you hit the starter button it goes for a crap = no start buy a new one!

                    Bought one of these and never looked back, that was a couple of years ago.


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                      Y'all were right. Battery. Runs now.


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                        I am having the same problem.

                        I first tried to charge the battery overnight. I found it odd that the charger showed that the battery was full almost imidiattely after I plugged it in...

                        Anyway, I tried putting the *fully-charged* battery back in and tried starting again today. Nothing... No turn on the starter, no sound, very low light on the parkinglight.

                        Is a new battery your best tips in this issue as well?


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                          After a while, a battery will show full charge, but under load it drops to zero. At that point, buy a new battery.