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  • Resistance Readings

    Hey all.

    Can you guys confirm some readings for me? On the 98-06 kats?

    Have a coil out I think.... poor/no spark..... I can get a very weak spark without the plug boot on but with plug boot on, no spark at all. The other coil works great... I know as I got shocked by both of those leads today on the good coil LOL.... nice little jolt to say the least LOL....

    Cyllinder 2&3 pipes run nice and hot.... 1&4 pipes not getting hot or even warm... points to a coil right I think yes?

    On suspected bad coil......have 12.96volts o/w wire to coil and it only drops to 10.96 to 11.25v when starting.

    Primary side reads right at the 3 ohm mark give or take a tenth

    Secondary side without plug caps is only 15K Ohms which depending on the manual (my Haynes manual says should be 25-35K Ohms wire end to wire end no plug caps) seems low.

    Now the two plug caps, one is at 8.5K ohms and the other is 11.2K Ohms which both seem pretty high, Haynes says 5K ohms give or take.

    What do you guys think?