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  • Brand?

    what brand would you all suggest when it comes to jet kits for a 99 600?

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    Go with Ivan's!!!

    He is a member here at the bored, so why go with anything else???
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      Re: Brand?

      Originally posted by somainevent
      what brand would you all suggest when it comes to jet kits for a 99 600?
      (A) Ivan isn't making one yet for the 600 as far as I know. If you loan him your bike for a few weeks, he'll use it as the test platform to design one, and you'll get the kit and the install for free, plus fine-tuning. And I'll be pleased, because I'll be able to get my hands on one of his kits for the 600.

      (B) Sometimes you can still find K&N-labeled jetkits at very low prices -- these are actually dynojet jetkits with K&N stickers, since K&N didn't actually develop their own kits.

      (C) FactoryPro seems to be a bit more on the ball than DynoJet, and does offer titanium needles in one version of their stage 1 JetKit for the 98+ Kat 600's.

      (D) the big boy of the industry, DynoJet. Stage 1, 2 & 3 kits for the 98+ Kats. They're OK.

      And finally, if you just need to modify the jets themselves (without swapping needles), you can order Mikuni carb jets directly as individual parts (about $2.50 each, last time I checked).

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        I like the Factory Pro and DynoJet kits both. I probably give the nod to DynoJet though.

        K&N no longer sells kits. They stopped in 2003 & sold out all they had. Some still show up on eBay now & then...............

        Expect to spend about $110 or so...................

        Those jets can be had from a dealer, but they now about $20 a set delivered.

        Don't forget to change that air filter out to a K&N for extra performance. IF you're running an aftermarket exhaust system, dial in your jets accordingly to your air filter and your exhaust system, and remember to re-SYNCHRONIZE your carbs!
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